Personal Branding

Something @garyvee has said both explicitly and implicitly over the last few years is that the internet is dividing people into two camps: content creators and content consumers.

He's right. You just have to look at Instagram and Youtube to see it happening. 10% of people create. 90% of people consume.

This has gone so far now that the creators are simply chronicling their lives (which they tailor to external demands) so that others can experience life by proxy.

I've never really bought into this personally as I don't have any interest in how other people choose to live their lives. But this shift in the way that people experience life seems to only just be beginning, and I plan on being on the right side of it - the side that is able to take advantage.

So, Personal Branding. That's what I'm going to try to do and it relates directly to a couple of my 2018 goals (talks and blogs). I don't have an exhaustive plan in place yet, but I'm thinking it'll be a mixture of blogs, video content, live streaming and Twitter content. I'm honestly not sure if I want to figure out 'who' I'm going to be. I think I'll just be me and see how that goes. Hopefully I'm not too much of a dick.

Be prepared to see significantly more of me I suppose...

If you're interested in this kind of thing yourself I'd definitely check out @garyvee's books. They're pretty good but his social media content has become really shallow and scattered lately, so maybe don't buy to heavily into that. Pick out his important insights rather than just getting bogged down in his never-ending sentiment.

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