Personal Progress Review - January 2019

As mentioned in my 2018 End Of Year Review I'll be reflecting on personal progress monthly this year.

I'll be splitting this review into four sections: Overview, Goals, Income and Reflection.

In combination I hope these elements will provide an honest overview of my current trajectory. However I might change them moving forward if some other format fits better.

I've included income because I think it's important to track quantitative metrics, as well as qualitative, and I haven't settled on exactly what I want to track yet. Income is the most obvious.

Also, a lot of people that do share their income breakdowns do so because they are trying to sell a product or service related to either increasing those numbers (stock market gurus) or living a lifestyle which will supposedly make you rich (frugal living gurus). This immediately skews the value of such openness. I do not want to do this. Read Unscripted for more insight.

Plus people should be more open and feel less shame about their circumstances. (The irony that I state this from a privileged position is not lost on me. )


The first two weeks of January were a mixed bag. I had flu but was in denial. I couldn't manage any client work but I did force myself to do something productive and built two commercial Craft plugins: Recently Viewed and List Builder.

These have already made some sales which is great! I'm hoping that as Craft grows in popularity the modest income from these will grow too.

Following my somewhat productive period of illness I worked mostly on client projects: Now Music and Dexerto being the main ones.

I also found some time to work on Servd - changed a lot of back-end stuff to allow atomic creation and deletion of projects + environments. I'm currently implementing an async task-runner which will form the backbone of the entire system.

Finally I've been planning another venture with a friend this month: a full-service agency with a bit of a twist. It should link up nicely with Servd too. I'll write more about that soon.


  • 3 decent length articles written and published. One less than target but I am forgiving myself due to illness.
  • Servd is making progress slowly.
  • £0 MRR from services, but £46 passive from plugin sales.


Bit Breakfast

  • Plugin Sales: £46
  • Client Projects (Invoiced excl VAT): £9,858


As usual, client work took precedence, but I had expected this and the same will be true next month.

One of my primary goals over the next couple of years is to increase the number of revenue streams that I'm maintaining. The plugin sales have been a nice introduction to the feasibility of that, however there's the potential to over-stretch and try to tackle too many big things at once. I am no Elon Musk.

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