Hi There.

I'm Matt.

I want to make it easy for agencies to build and host Craft CMS websites and Laravel applications.

I write and speak about the things I learn along the way.

I'm have built and run Servd, a friction-free hosting platform specifically catering to Craft CMS. This very site is hosted on it.

I'm also an advocate for transparent business practice.

I occasionally take on Freelance work if you catch me in a good mood.

You can get in touch about anything by dropping me an email or DMing me on Twitter.

A picture of the very handsome Matt Gray

Matt helped us conceive, create, and grow our most impactful projects with his deep technical knowledge and a thoughtful consideration of user experience. We've launched projects in record time, grown communities, and solved seemingly impossible problems together.

Matt Kendall - Creative Director - RetroFuzz

Let it be said that @mattgrayisok is more than Ok. He is a gentleman: patient, very helpful and incredibly skilled. Thank you @mattgrayisok for your help.

Jeff Pullinger - CTO - Seraph

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