Personal Progress Review - April / May 2019

I missed April's review because I was distracted, so I'm including it here instead.


As planned, client work slowed down and I took most of May off from any new client work - opting to finish off a couple of pending projects and landscape my back garden instead.

I struggled to write much at all. I think this was because I went from a period of producing lots of written content at the start of the year into a period of doing a lot of client work and I've subsequently found it difficult to transition back again. Also my schedule is still all over the place which doesn't help.

Servd has a UI now, which means it's almost ready for people to start using. I'll be getting a few of my projects moved onto it as soon as my first cluster is stable and then begin the task of identifying all of my false assumptions!


  • Talk accepted for Craft's Dot All conference in Montreal in September.
  • 3 articles written and published. Also overhauled my main Craft in Docker series to get it up to date and included a corresponding Git repo.
  • Servd has a UI! Private beta signup has several respondents. I should be ready to onboard some users very soon.
  • £0 MRR from services. £31 passive from plugin sales.

Income April

Bit Breakfast

  • Plugin Sales: £31
  • Client Projects (Invoiced excl VAT): £8,889

Income May

Bit Breakfast

  • Plugin Sales: £0
  • Client Projects (Invoiced excl VAT): £0


I'm happy to have taken a break in May. That was the first month in about 10 years that I have earned literally nothing, but the flexibility I get in return for working freelance is worth the occasional (in this case self-inflicted) under performing periods.

The first half of this year has primarily been preparation for moving towards opportunities with less of a direct time-money relationship. If things go to plan that will hopefully be the last month in which I need to worry about earning nothing at all...

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