Personal Progress Review - March 2019

The lateness of this post is a direct result of the ad hoc and over-stuffed schedule I've been keeping recently. Let's review what I've been up to over the last month (and a bit).


Remember last month when I said this?

I had my final official day working for Now Music this month.

Well that lasted all of two weeks. The end of March and beginning of April have been dominated by Now's platform migration - moving 1.5 million users from an old architecture over to the new one that I've been building for the last 12+ months. We also managed to do it with hardly anyone noticing 👌.

It has been another great experience in planning, executing at scale and reacting to problems in a user-centric way. I'll write a post about the whole process because, although I tend to remain humble in most cases, we did do an awesome job.

The couple of weeks that I did have free from client work this month were spent working on Servd. That is almost ready for some Beta testing, and I'm hoping it will go down well with the Craft community. I've also been toying with the idea of creating a weekly dev vlog which could continue past beta and cover all of the project's developments over time. If nothing else it would serve as a great reminder of the product's path to success or failure... I've not made any video content yet and it is something that I'd like to have a go at so I guess I don't really have an excuse not to.

Digital Agency work was largely put on hold as both Jen and I finished up the client work that we had remaining. The plan is to have a blog up for that as soon as possible so that we can start on our mission of transparency right from the outset. By recording every step of the journey I hope we can create a really useful resource whilst simultaneously gathering a bit of interest in what we're trying to accomplish.

I hardly wrote anything in March but blog traffic is up significantly. Google is being very kind to me. I'm really enjoying all of the conversations that are popping up around my content so keep the comments and DMs coming in 👍.


  • 2 articles written and published. Behind but I have about 10 planned for the next 2 - 3 weeks.
  • Servd made some decent progress. I got some key parts working well and it feels like it's pretty much in a position to stick a front end on it and get it tested with some real users.
  • £0 MRR from services. £8 passive from plugin sales.


Bit Breakfast

  • Plugin Sales: £8
  • Client Projects (Invoiced excl VAT): £6,658


It's difficult to say no to people that you've spent time building up a relationship with, but I'm finding myself increasingly having to do so in order to focus more of my time on activities that are directly related to my own goals as opposed to facilitating other's. I love helping other people become more successful, but it's all too easy to prioritise that above personal progress.

I also need to work on my scheduling, but that's a topic for another time...

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