What's this blog for?

Launching a SaaS product has required me to think (and read) a lot about marketing. Especially with regards to attracting inbound leads via content.

Recently I've not been updating this blog particularly frequently. I've been busy figuring out how to build and operate a Craft CMS hosting platform and other real-life things.

But at the beginning of this year I've had a bit of time to think about writing again and that's raised the question "Where should I be writing?".

A question directly stemming from my increased exposure to books telling me to ask myself that question.

This blog currently receives a modest amount of traffic, the vast majority of which are searches for Craft in Docker information. That's not really a surprise as I have 7 or 8 long-form articles about it.

I also know that close to none of those visitors click any of the links on this site to investigate the website for Servd. A big brand awareness opportunity missed.

So I need to consider what this blog is for and whether it is serving that purpose.

I'm thinking about it like this: as well as helping developers by sharing my knowledge, I'd also like any content I produce to have a considered, positive impact on my other goals.

Given that my current primary goal is launching and scaling Servd, I wouldn't consider driving traffic to this blog to be a particularly considered approach. So, any technical content or Craft CMS insights will now be added to https://servd.host/blog, which will exist very shortly.

mattgrayisok.com will be used for meta posts. Writing about the business side of Servd, personal review and any other unrelated side-project stuff. And I'll be making a concerted effort to write more of that, because I think it's interesting and it's a lot easier to write than technical posts 😅

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